Is Radio Advertising Expensive?

If you are contemplating advertising on the radio, you are probably wondering "Is Radio Advertising Expensive? ". The long and short of that
answer will depend on various factors including: the city and station you are advertising on, the time of day your commercial hits the air and
the total length of your radio advertising campaign.

Every radio single station will have a different price "per airing" of your commercial. Because we are experienced in the art of "buying radio
time", We will negotiate "packages" with radio stations and work in discounts with almost any radio campaign. The factors that influence
this rate include the stations ratings, popularity, demand, and so on. We have placed hundreds of radio campaigns over the years for
countless satisfied clients.

Rates can fall anywhere from $15 per airing in smaller areas to $325+ per airing on top ranked stations in major metros depending on the
station you are advertising on.

Because rates change from station to station and city to city, the only way to get a truly accurate figure on what to expect for your advertising
campaign is to request a current rate estimate. If I were to post numbers on this page, they would not be accurate next week or reflect an
accurate cost from one city to the next. This is why we need to put together custom quotes for every project.
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project by contacting us here.

We will be happy to get you up to the minute quotes based on the area you want to advertise in and the demographics of the people you
want to reach. This estimate of "Is Radio Advertising Expensive?  " puts you under no obligation at all. It will simply get you accurate
numbers for planning your campaign.

We can pinpoint the best time of day for you to advertise, find the best station(s) for your message, negotiate the best rates, work in some
"free perks" from the station to your package and create and attention grabbing commercial for your business.

If you have any question about the costs associated with radio advertising, feel free to pick up the phone and call us anytime for answers.
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Is Radio Advertising Expensive?
Is Radio Advertising Expensive?
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Is Radio Advertising Expensive?
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Is Radio Advertising Expensive?
Is Radio Advertising Expensive?