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Meet Our
Radio Commercial Prices and Rates
All radio commercials come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
We promise to work with you until you have the commercial sound you want!
We don't stop until you are happy!

All Radio Commercial Packages Include:
  • 100% Original script written just for your radio commercial
  • Professional voice-over that fits your message
  • Music and Background effects appropriate to the commercial
  • Complete rights to use the commercial anywhere you like (you own it)
  • Unlimited Revisions until you say its perfect!

:15 Seconds - $250  |  :30 Seconds - $300  |  :60 Seconds - $350  
For orders over 3 Commercials a discount of $50 off each commercial will be applied.
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Radio Commercial Prices and Rates
Radio commercial prices and rates vary by the station and change on a daily basis.
For the most up to date rates please
contact us for a free quote.
radio commercials
radio commercial production
Radio Commercial Prices and
Rates for production are shown
here. The cost to advertise on
the radio (air-time) will vary by
Contact us for the latest
radio advertising rates.